About the Vanderbilt & Raffort Consulting Group

Our Partners

Gathering great and successful professionals from all other the world, the Vanderbilt and Raffort Consulting group aims to make your experience both unforgettable and unique. Mixing the expertise of a Consulting group and a human-size consulting ability to understand the issues any firm could face. We support, help, implement, create and innovate for you to be successful.

Lora Vanderbilt      |      Name Partner 

To many people Lora is considered to be “the most charismatic person” they had ever met, that being said, it could be a mere first impression, the truth is, Lora would do anything for her clients, days and nights she aims to perform and give them the best of herself. In the Marketing field, her skills are now recognized and never questioned, her achievements speak for themselves. Some could describe her desire of victory as an enraged journey, which would be a mistake, unlike someone enraged, Lora would never let it go; passionate whilst negotiating and specialized in marketing and management, she rules the unrulable and can solve any problematic situation.

Management Consultant   |   Marketing Consultant
Brand Consultant   
|   Public Relations Consultant

Hugo Raffort          Name Partner

Former student of a prestigious khâgne in Paris, of the Sorbonne and of the Law schools of Pantheon-Assas and Maastricht University, Hugo would assist you in any legal or public relations issue. His knowledge may it be French, European or International allows him to offer a complete set of strategies and advice. Looking for the fine alliance of sustainability and risk taking is what he does. Passionate about the law and philosophy, his understanding of a multifaceted society is an asset for any firm. Specialized in the legal and public relations fields, he would find the best optimum allowing you to succeed.

Public Relations Consultant   |  Legal Consultant   Brand Consultant   |  Sales Consultant