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The Services The Vanderbilt & Raffort Consulting Group provide


We consult in many fields such as Legal, Strategy, Public Relations or Marketing. At VRCG we gather experts that will be perfectly able to help you in taking the best decisions, may it be from a permanent consultant or from a consultant from a partnered firm and therefore offering you any resources you may need now or later in our consulting relationship. Reactivity is one of our core-values, we guarantee an answer in a 24h delay, 24/7. 


Management Consulting

Our experts in management will support you in the daily managing decisions you may have to take to optimize and rationalize your firm. Successful firms may face new stakes whilst growing, managing a bigger team may be one of those it is therefore important to come prepared. VRCG will make sure you are.


Marketing Consulting

Across many fields such as public relations, sales or brand conception, marketing is a key element when it comes to offer any product. Our team of experts would help you underline the value of your offer. The value is always problematic and somehow critical, in order to understand it our team would juxtapose our knowledge in many fields and our pedagogical skills, helping you from automation to adverstisement configuration strategies Because buying is about desire and understanding we will help your clients to understand and desire both your product and its value.


Legal Consulting

It sometimes can be hard to understand the law of a legal entity, the European Union for instance is composed by many. At VRCG, our legal team will assist you on a precise scale with experts of member-states laws, European law or any other legal system you will be confronted to. We will also help you when the time of choosing a lawyer comes by recommending to you one of our partners; assuring you a two-sided control of your issues supervised by both our legal team and your lawyer. 


Brand Consulting

Conceiving a new brand is never going to be a hazardous trip, it requires precision, knowledge and efficiency, qualities we do have for you and that would valuable and considered assets in your firm. Advising you in your brand making process may it be at the start or at the very moment a need of renewal is felt, will be our priority as well as preserving your creativity, your vision and the spirit of your firm.


Sales Consulting

Keeping the control on your sales is never easy, our team of experts would keep an eye (actually more than one: plenty!) on your reports and make sure you fullfill your expectations and your ambition. Having a big dream is a tremendous start, but in order to dream big and make that dream come true, one sometimes needs to be helped and we for sure can provide this help. Selling requires buyers and our network is at your disposal to find the right people for you and therefore make sure you avoid any time loss or inconvenience..


Public Relations Consulting

Giving the right impression is sometimes and often tricky, at VRCG we value the capital importance of your image and will make sure to always supervise and advise you regarding your public image may it be physically or on social medias. Our PR experts are ready to assist you in any issue you are facing or simply in your image creation-process.